IBM 3380 disk drives / info?

From: ip500 <>
Date: Mon Mar 19 10:51:06 2001

        Hi Bob,
Thanks for the info ... these are 3380 "E" models. Smoked plastic cover
over an AL casting. I assume the magnets & actuators must be in the ends
of the drive housing. Haven't had a chance to look at them yet. I can
imagine a head crash on those would have been something! Still can't get
over the size of the drive motor!

Bob Brown wrote:
> 3380's were a product of the 80's. There were several different
> flavors...the originals came out in the early
> 80's. They were known as A0's or AA's. or AD's. They were 'single
> density'...each hda had two addressable
> actuators (one coming out each side)...each actuator addressed about 600MB
> of storage.
> They later came out with AE's which were double density...then J's and K's
> which were trible density.
> Did you happen to grab the magnets from the cabinets? VERY powerful
> permanent magnets indeed! (very heavy too).
> I have a 3380 HDA I saved from my mainframe days...had a MAJOR
> headcrash....when I opened up the top to look, the
> head that crashed was vaporized!
> -Bob
> At 08:59 PM 3/18/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> > Among my pickups over the weekend were a pair of these HUGE IBM
> >3380 drives. Couldn't even begin to find room for the entire unit with
> >its
> >cabinet and controllers, but did scavange the drives and motors out of
> >the cabinet. Biggest drive I've ever seen. Belt driven! from an external
> >1.5
> >HP motor ..these things are Big! Cast alluminium housing w/14" discs,
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