Apple LWPro parallel port?

From: John Foust <>
Date: Sat Mar 31 11:41:32 2001

At 01:20 AM 3/31/01 +0100, Iggy Drougge wrote:
>>>Then they should learn to keep things neatly apart. And what would require
>>>128 megs of RAM? Simulations of a glaxy or two?
>>What's to keep neatly apart for a consumer PC? They want all
>>the latest, not a microcontroller or DOS 3.0.
>I'm not talking about a microcontroller or DOS 3.0 either! Could you keep this
>at a civil level? I'm talking about a windowing OS, and why would that require
>128 MB?

OK, not galaxy collision simulation - how about a scanner?
If you're not adept, it's easy to mistakenly scan at twice
the resolution, eating gobs of RAM.

If 128M is indeed the recommendation, it's not just for
the OS, it's a recommended amount - and nothing more.
It may be there just to sell memory.

If we want to talk about something truly controversial,
let's hash out that "rinse, lather, repeat" recursion
on the shampoo bottles.

- John
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