ArcNet and the Pursuit of Multiple Topologies

From: John Boffemmyer IV <>
Date: Wed Oct 10 19:45:42 2001

Grin, did someone mention Token Ring? One of my favorite toys to play with?
I've often found Token Ring better than EtherNet and AppleTalk.

While on the slew of topics, I must also say that I love SCSI. I used to be
a die-hard IDE fan and then came along a head-to-platter crash. Away went
three term papers. After that, I went to SCSi and haven't had an actual
failure yet (over 4 years, a few of my drives were used and over 9 to 10
years old). Plus, the whole idea of LUNS, ID's and Termination with chains
was more logical and reliable in the long run.

-John Boffemmyer IV

At 03:58 PM 10/10/01, you wrote:
> >Since you've got LocalTalk running to the box, then I'd also run MacGate
> >which would let you run MacIP (IP over LocalTalk).
>Good page for MacGate looks like
> >As for other fun topologies, you already mentioned TokenRing. My personal
> >choice would be to also add HomePNA (Ethernet over phonelines). The 1MB
> >HomePNA 1.0 cards (the only ones supported by Linux)are very cheap these
> >days. I picked up a pair from Computer Geeks ( for
> >something like $12. Now if I could just find a cheap Ethernet/HomePNA bridge
> >for the Nubus Mac in the spare bedroom...
>I was lucky and picked up a couple cards from MicroCenter including the
>network/modem gateway card.

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