ArcNet and the Pursuit of Multiple Topologies

From: Brian Knittel <>
Date: Wed Oct 10 19:49:16 2001

> I think you'll have trouble if you use anything other than 63 ohm coax...

The cable is designated RG-62, but it's 93 ohm cable.

Cards could be connected to an active hub or a
passive hub. Passive hubs required 93-ohm terminators
on the unused ports. But with an active hub you're all set.

I have a couple of cables with BNC connectors, and I think
a few left-over crimp-on connectors that you're welcome to
have for the cost of shipping (or pick up in Berkeley, CA).
Write to me offline. I got rid of a heap of arcnet stuff
last year, alas. I think it's all at the Alameda County
Computer Resource Center :)

By the way -- how about DVD's via pneumatic tube?
Now THAT is a high-bandwidth medium. I can sell you
some pneumatic tube equipment too :)

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