Looking for : IBM 5110 Serial IO adapter software

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Thu Oct 11 09:59:40 2001

>We have an IBM 5110 with a serial adapter and have recently verified
>that the tape drive is operational. We are, however, missing the
>software cartridge for the serial adapter.
>Does anyone have a copy who would be willing to make a copy? We can
>supply a blank cartridge and pay shipping costs.

I have a 5110 tucked away in a corner (I was actually just thinking about
it yesterday). I don't know if I have the tape you are looking for, but
if you tell me what I should look for, I can check.

Are the 5110's of any collector value (not that I would ever part with
mine, but I am curious if it is just me that wants to keep it, or if it
is actually a valued machine). Mine has this big dual 8" floppy drive
box. I *THINK* it might also have a 5mb hard drive built into the floppy
box, but I don't remember (the thing has been shut down and in storage
for about 12 or 13 years... so it may not work anymore)


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