TU81+ spooks (was: Re: first step getting VAX 6000-400 booted ...)

From: Eric Dittman <dittman_at_dittman.net>
Date: Mon Oct 29 01:53:13 2001

> My VMS 5.4 does detect the TU81 just fine, calls it MUB0 and
> allows me to mount it and write files to it. I think I have
> now a bootable 9-track reel with at least the first 10
> files of the Ultrix 4.1 bootable tape ready to go with all
> blocksizes as required. It was fun writing!

If you could write to the TU81 from VMS then the drive should
be working fine.
> So I tried checking for the TU81's unit number (may be it's
> MU1 or MU4 or MU213, who knows? First thing is when I power
> up the TU81 it shows 000 on the front panel, but as soon
> as it is initialized the display remains blank. So, perhaps
> it has no unit number set at all?

The drive is unit 0, since VMS sees it as MUB0.
Eric Dittman
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