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Date: Mon Apr 15 22:51:16 2002

On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Zane H. Healy wrote:

> > Has anyone ever gotten a "TK50-Z" in a 'TK SCSI' encosure to work with any
> > 'normal' scsi controller on a PC or something? I picked one up for a few
> > $$ today, and just realized the enclosure has a 220V power supply...
> Yes, but not me. IIRC, it needs to be a TK50Z-GA. Keep in mind the drive
> is only 95MB, so is really only of use if you've got DEC HW.

I was hoping to use it to make an image of a bootable VMS 5.3 tape so I
don't have to screw with MOP booting if/when I try to do a new install
onto my VS3200. And it's a TK50Z-G3 according to the label.

> > Also, how do I get the disk out of an RRD40 without a computer attached?
> Um, unless you've got the 'clear sleave', I don't think you're going to get
> the disk out without demolishing the drive! As long as that's the drive I'm
> thinking of it uses a funky 'pincer' holder for the CD, with a clear
> 'sleave' around it to make up the 'caddy'. You stick the caddy in the drive
> and pull the 'sleave' back out. To remove the CD, you stick the 'sleave' in
> and pull out the whole caddy. (hopefully that makes sense)

How easy is it to take apart without killing the drive? Or can I make a
'clear sleve' very easily out of a couple of pieces of plastic?

> > DEC RRD40. I don't have anything but the drive and whatever is stuck in
> > the drive with the CD in it. In a 110V external enclosure.
> Any idea if this is a SCSI drive? There are two varients of this, one is
> SCSI, the other connects to a Q-Bus controller.

It's got a pair of 50pin amphenols on the back, and a circuit board inside
between the connectors and the drive. So, it looks like it's SCSI.

-- Pat
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