OT: DELL SUCKS! Re: PC Gamer, best 50 classic games issue?

From: Tothwolf <tothwolf_at_concentric.net>
Date: Wed Jan 9 16:38:22 2002

On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, David C. Jenner wrote:

> I've had a Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop for almost two years now.
> It is a fantastic machine. When I purchased it, I got it with
> 3 years of on-site warranty for an additional $100 or so. I have:

> 2) had a tech come to my house and, without looking at any
> instructions, flawlessly completely disassemble the machine,
> replacing a suspected motherboard (it turned out it wasn't
> the culprit), and reassemble it, again without looking at any
> instructions. Having myself quite a bit of experience with hardware,
> especially old laptops, I was amazed at his competency.

I've done this type of disassembly on a different model Dell laptop three
times now. I didn't replace the motherboard, but to get at the primary RAM
module, you have to totally break the unit down and remove the cpu module.
I think the laptop I had to work on was an 8100, but I'm not sure.

> Those who aren't willing or able to pay a few extra dollars for
> extended warranty may be making a mistake. And it's usually those
> who yell and curse who get the most attention.

You are lucky. Dell claimed they never sold the extended warranty on their
Inspiron laptops when I needed to get the main board replaced. They
claimed the extended "on-site" warranty wasn't even available for that
series, so there was no way that they could have even sold it with the
laptop. I think overall cause of the problem was just plain inexcusable.
It had a deformed high density board to board connector that appeared to
have been damaged when the board was manufactured. It had heat damage from

Oh yeah, the the "repaired" laptop came back with damaged (broken) LCD
locking clips...the ones used to hold it closed. I haven't even tried to
see what it will take to get these replaced...

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