VAXBI fun continues - seeking DEBNT installation docs

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Fri Mar 15 00:34:57 2002


did you look at my VAXanatomy page? I have a picture of the VAXBI
back side detai,ing some of the ethernet. You put the AUI cable
and a terminator (!) in section E of that slot. May be you forgot
the terminator?

and for the whole

Hope that helps,

> So... the DEBNT itself fails self-test if there is nothing attached
> to the AUI connector. If I attach a DEC loopback connector to the
> AUI plug, ISTR I get the yellow LED telling me it passed. If I put
> a 10BaseT transceiver on there, the TX light stays lit with no networking
> drivers/software loaded.
> First and foremost, I'm attempting to verify I put the cables on the
> right places. I have 30-pin connector off one end of the AUI cable.
> I have a 30-pin connector with one wire attached that seems to be a
> jumper block of some kind. At the moment, they are attached to the
> BI backplane at block "E", I think because that's what seemed to be
> right from looking at where the Lance chip is on the DEBNT. If anyone
> has installation instructions, particularly cabling instructions,
> those would be very helpful.

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