DSQD Drives (Was: RE: Diags/Boot image for Altos 580)

From: Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Sun Mar 17 12:10:04 2002

I just took a look at the docs for the Series 5 Altos computers and
there is a repair ticket for a Mitsubishi M4853 Disk Drive. The floppy
disk summary docs indicate that drive is a 5.25, HH, 720K, 96 TPI drive.

The CP/M version with my Altos 580 is 2.2 Licensed from Digital Research
by Lambda Software (4 disks.) Each of the six disks I have are labeled
double sided, double density, soft sectored. Of the two other disks, one
is for the 580-20 and is labeled MPM/CPM for Altos 580-20, the other
Altos Diags for model 580-x.

Hope this helps!

Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
> > IIRC the Floppy on an Altos 580 is DSQD.
> Am I correct that while different from standard
> DSDD, they are *not* GCR drives?
> What other machines might carry these drives, can I
> hook one up to a standard PC controller in a box
> running DOS, and then duplicate the disks?
> > I had one that had the CMI hard drive replaced with a Seagate ST225. So I
> > know they will take similar configured Hard Drives. I think they will take
> > 10, 15 and 20 Meg HDs.
> This is good to know, ST225s still pop up from time to time...
> -dq
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