CD-ROM on RT-11?

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Fri Mar 22 01:40:39 2002

>Zane H. Healy wrote:

> > Why would you be using ISO? My plan was just to dd copy (with unix
> > cdrecord) a bootable RT-11 SCSI disk to the CD. Assuming that if I had a
> > bootable RT-11 SCSI disk as /dev/rz4c on a unix machine, with cdrecord, I
> > would just do this:
> > dd if=/dev/rz4c ibs=64k obs=64k | cdrecord -dev 3,5,0 -speed=2 -
> > Will this work?
> Basically this is what I've done. Though I think I had the block size
> seriously cranked down (no idea if that matters). I first went to an image
> file, and then I FTP'd it to my Mac and burned it to CD-R (I didn't have a
> CD-R attached at the time).

Jerome Fine replies:

I have been advised to see if I can find a version of "dd" which will work
Windows 98? Is this possible? I realize that I should attempt to use a Unix
system, but I have enough trouble coping with this one which is:
Pentium III 750
Windows 98/Netscape V4.78

While I can burn a CD with the ISO file structure, I would very much like
to set up some RT-11 partitions to be used under E11 - like were done
with the RT-11 Freeware CD.

> > This week, I'm going to hook up my remaining RX02 drive to a VMS machine
> > and copy the data off the RX02's. At that point, all I should need is an
> > image of v5.03 of RT-11 with my program, which I can then burn to a CD.
> Stuff your RX02 images in an RL02 image using PUTR.COM, then you just need
> to get the RL02 image onto your RT-11 system (I have TCP/IP working on my
> PDP-11/73 so I just FTP it).

If you are going to have a CD on your real PDP-11 with a Qbus host adapter,
then if you want to be able to boot partition zero, I suggest you use the
to the partition you are going to place on the CD. MANY other aspects also
need to be considered if it will be a bootable partition.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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