IBM PPC Laptop on eBay

From: Doc <>
Date: Fri Mar 22 01:49:25 2002

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Wayne M. Smith wrote:

> I can certainly see why someone would prefer not to have complete strangers come to their house to pick up items. Unless I was
> selling a really large item where the postage would exceed, let's say $50.00, I see no compelling reason to allow people I don't
> know to come to my house. I have two small daughters at home (3 and 7), and live in a somewhat isolated area, so why should I do
> anything that even marginally jeopardizes their safety? Sure, I may be paranoid, but a schmuck? Get serious.

  It's not that hard to arrange a meeting in a neutral place. If the
seller is an individual, he/she is probably going to have to deliver the
item somewhere (carrier's counter), anyway. If a business, they
generally have a storefront or warehouse location that would be safe for

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