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Date: Thu Aug 5 08:08:44 2004

> > I would kill for a VAX 6000 in the UK. Mmmmm... *dribble*
> :D I walk past a 6000-410 every time I go upstairs here, and there's a
> 7000 just round the corner in stores. They're both backup machines for a
> customer though so you can't have 'em.
Bastard. Dibs! ;)

> > I'm still a student though, so i've not got a permanent base
> > to keep one at. And I thought a uV-II in a BA123 was a
> > bastard to heft around every end-of-academic-year...
> BA23 is the way forward, though still bloody heavy.

I was just chatting to Greg this morning about swapping my worldbox for a BA23. Sad to see it go because it's so pretty and noisy, but I can rack a BA23 and get some work out of it.

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