Holy cow...

From: evan <evan947_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Aug 5 23:07:42 2004

I just heard the very end of a TV news report, where they said some airport
terminal was shut down for hours today due to a bomb scare. They described the
potential bomb as a small, odd-looking box with wires and various electrical
parts. Then they said "It turned out to be an antique microphone."

Which makes me wonder... has anyone here ever had a problem explaining vintage
computers to airport security? When I flew out to VCF last fall I proactively
told the security officer that my bag contained vintage calculators and
handheld computers, in case it looked odd to her in the X-Ray machine, but she
looked at me with an expression of "Why the heck do you think I'd care?" LOL,
however that may be more of a comment on how poor the airport security hiring
rules are.

I'd like to hear some feedback, however, please let's NOT turn this into a
rambling thread about politics or any similar B.S....
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