Holy cow...

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Date: Fri Aug 6 00:13:38 2004

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Subject: Holy cow...

> I just heard the very end of a TV news report, where they said some
> terminal was shut down for hours today due to a bomb scare. They
described the
> potential bomb as a small, odd-looking box with wires and various
> parts. Then they said "It turned out to be an antique microphone."
> Which makes me wonder... has anyone here ever had a problem explaining
> computers to airport security? When I flew out to VCF last fall I
> told the security officer that my bag contained vintage calculators and
> handheld computers, in case it looked odd to her in the X-Ray machine, but
> looked at me with an expression of "Why the heck do you think I'd care?"
> however that may be more of a comment on how poor the airport security
> rules are.
> I'd like to hear some feedback, however, please let's NOT turn this into a
> rambling thread about politics or any similar B.S....

Everybody has electronics or ships electronics by plane these days, they are
more worried about people planting bombs in cargo or smuggling something
sharp on board. Do they have anything besides bomb sniffing dogs in the
airport to detect explosives? The old microphone probably looked like a
wired stick of dynamite to the inspector seeing the x-ray.
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