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Date: Fri Aug 6 00:05:07 2004

On Thu, 5 Aug 2004, evan wrote:

> Which makes me wonder... has anyone here ever had a problem explaining
> vintage computers to airport security? When I flew out to VCF last fall
> I proactively told the security officer that my bag contained vintage
> calculators and handheld computers, in case it looked odd to her in the
> X-Ray machine, but she looked at me with an expression of "Why the heck
> do you think I'd care?" LOL, however that may be more of a comment on
> how poor the airport security hiring rules are.

Yes. I flew less than a month after 9/11. On the way back home, I was
lugging back a largish Robotron computer (East German clone of the Z80).
At Heathrow, I got pulled to the side when the airplane began boarding. I
was brought down to a lobby just next to the tarmac to open the box with
the Robotron and to explain what it was. The security guy seemed to sigh
a breath of relief. We taped it back up and off it went.

On the way to Japan I had the PDP-1 replica front panel with me in a large
suitcase, plus a bunch of tools (power drill, soldering iron, etc.) plus a
bunch of raw materials (aluminum enclosures, wries/cables). I'm sure it
would look lovely under the scanners. So I informed the desk agent that I
wanted it to go through the security check so that I could be there when
it was examined (and make sure it wasn't mishandled or re-packed
improperly). The security guy was a dick at first but then lightened up
and said, "Sir, I don't see anything of concern in here." Cool.

I flew eight flight legs between three countries between July 3 and July
18 and didn't get the normal hassle I was used to. Either "they" know
everything about me now, or I got really, super, unbelievably lucky ;)

> I'd like to hear some feedback, however, please let's NOT turn this into a
> rambling thread about politics or any similar B.S....

F Bush / F Kerry

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