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Date: Sat Aug 7 04:00:27 2004

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> I'm glad to hear that. But they shouldn't have been on the list to begin
> with! That's one of my points, airport security is nothing but a show to
> make the public think the government is actually doing somehting about
> security. But all too much of it is meaningless and useless measures such
> as this.
If you haven't read it, there's a book called "Beyond Fear: Thinking Sensibly
About Security in an Uncertain World", by Bruce Schneier - ISBN
0-387-02620-7. It covers a lot of the so-called "security theater", why some
of it works, why 99.95% of it is a load of crap. Very interesting read - well
worth the money IMO. I think my copy cost ?15 from Amazon UK, hard-back too.
ISTR it was at the top of Amazon's best-seller list for a few weeks.

> Eyeglass screwderivers and nail files have never been a threat to
> an airliner that I know of! BTW metal toothpicks ARE still on the list of
> "weapons". Can you tell me exactly how many airliners have been hijacked
> with a toothpick?
TTBOMK? Zero. I doubt you could do much damage with a metal toothpick. Maybe
a small scratch or a minor puncture wound at worst. Probably not enough to
incapacitate someone.

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