VCF UK? (was Re: VCF West hotel)

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Aug 13 13:55:59 2004

Am 13 Aug 2004 19:43 meinte Rob O'Donnell:
> At 18:45 13/08/2004, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> >I'm currently investigating possibilities in the UK, so please do check
> >into it for me. What I'd need to know right off is what, if any, fees
> >would be required to rent the required space, and how much those fees are.

> Well I can offer a scout hut in Manchester, but I suspect it'd be a tad
> small ! lol.

*G* we could do a VCF restricted only to portable machines,
not bigger than let'S say a KIM *G*

> There are plenty of local sports halls around too. I could probably dig
> out a few details on some from the locality from when I had a hand in
> running a couple of local dog shows.

Manchester? Huh, have't been ther for since the tramway reopened.
Not London, but maybe not a bad idea. It all depends on the space
vs. cost ratio, and Manchester might be more likely in the reasonable
area than London.

What realy would be could would be Blackpool, but I guess the hotels
there charge real money.

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