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From: David V. Corbin <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net>
Date: Wed Aug 18 06:51:10 2004


I beg to differ on opinions on e-mail quoting. I really dislike having to
scroll past all of the stuff I have already read, or even scan through a mix
of old and new. To be honest I dislike the whole use of e-mails for
"conversations". I would much rather have the ability to organize the
information into something USEFUL.

If the ability existed to simply post a link to the previous mail that would
be helpful. If we were allowed things other than just text [although I
completely understand the reasons for keeping this pure text] I would
encapsulate the previous messages[s]. They should be there for reference, in
most cases they have alrady been read.

I offered to provide a site where the information could be better organized
and crosslinked, but there was opposition for a number of people here.
Perhaps I look at information a bit differently than some others. I would
like the ability to track a given topic without seeing repeat information
[regardless of how it is quoted], handle the information in topical,
originator and time based fashions.

Just my thoughts....

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