ASR-33's and Brain Dead "Repair" man...

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sun Aug 22 15:35:45 2004

> Ok, I am at it again...
> Powering up the "really nice" ASR-33 that I pickjed up last weekend. After
> checking thing out [voltages mechanical inspection, etc] I have powered it
> up.
> [F4 the fuse for the motor WAS blown, a replacement of the ssame rating is
> holding].
> Motor spins up nicely (real quiet and sweet!), with the mode set to local,
> the break and here-is keys do the "right things", however NONE of the other
> keys do. My first thought was an issue with the keyboard unit, but a swap

You say the other keys don't do the right thing. Do they do _anything_?

In particular, when you press a key, the distributor brush should spin
round once. Does it? If not, it indicates a mechanical problem in the
linkage or the clutch.

What happens if you switch to 'Line' (nothing on the loop)? Does the
machine 'space out' -- in other words does the receive mechanism run
continuously. If not, then either the selector magnet (the solenoid at
the rear left corner of the typing unit) is energised continuously
(shorted transsitor in the driver?) or the mechanism is malfunctioning.
But you said that 'Break' did the right things (I assume this does cause
the machine to space out), so this implies the seleector side is doing

Unplug the reader for the moment (just pull out its molex plug). A short
in that nuit will mess up the keyboard (the reader contacts and keyboard
contacts are wired in parallel).

> A reply e-mail would be appreciated, a call bfrom anyone with an idea and a
> few minutes would be great! [If it is long distance, I can call anyone
> willing to help].

I don;t think it's worth calling me across the Pond :-)

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