ASR-33's and Brain Dead "Repair" man...

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Sun Aug 22 17:04:57 2004


Thanks for the response...

>>>You say the other keys don't do the right thing. Do they do _anything_?

>>> In particular, when you press a key, the distributor brush should spin
>>> round once. Does it? If not, it indicates a mechanical problem in the
>>> linkage or the clutch.

The keys do Nothing (although I can see the armatures freely moving up and
down. The rotor does NOT move at all. The break key DOES cause it to "space
out", as expected. Putting the device in line, does NOT cause it to space
out. In my mind this indicates that the selector magnet is functional...IS

Disconnecting the reader is a good idea (should have thought of that
one...). If that does not yeild a clue, I can always pull the keyboard, and
see if the reader will feed a type [I have not even tried the reader,
although the power looks good. I will test right after dinner.

>>> I don;t think it's worth calling me across the Pond :-)

You would not believe how much this means to me...The cost would be worth it
[my business line is FULL of international calls]. Too late tonight (for
you though), and there are still some good ideas to try.

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