Semi-OT: Data Recovery?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Aug 23 18:11:36 2004

So here I am... doing backups of an 80GB Maxtor drive when it craps out in
the _middle_ of the backup. :-(

>From my digging around this morning, there appears to be a problem reading
the reserved area that results in it being detected by the BIOS as a "Maxtor
ROMULUS" (the class of drive).

>From further digging, it appears that I won't be able to shake this thing
loose without professional help. I got 25GB of data off of it before it
died, but since I don't have a directory, I can't even evaluate if it's
worth $$$ to get the rest.

So... before I proceed, I was curious who on the list has used professional
data recovery services, and who does a good job at a good price. I've already
written to a company in N.Z. that has a base rate of under $300 NZ + recovery
media (DVD-R, CD-R, blank drive...) I've seen companies ask 400 Eur. and
up to $700 US.

Obviously, I'm not in a hurry now... it's still about 2 months to the first



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