ASR-33's and Brain Dead "Repair" man...

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Mon Aug 23 18:33:41 2004

>>> Am I correct that when you press the 'Here Is' key, the
>>> distributor does turn? If so, then the clutch can be
>>> released (and presumably latches up correctly).

Spins like a charm.....

>>> > Attempting to move the linkage (but not overly forcing
>>> it] is futile.
>>> Don't force anything. You will just cause more damage.

I always thought a sledge hammer was a good tool...Seriously I am actually
applying very little force.

>>> What I would do next is remove the transmitter shaft. To do
>>> this, remove the typing unit from the chassis pan....

That of course will involve replacing the h-plate later...Oh well...
It only took me about two weeks to get the other one [on the other unit]

>>> then take off the distributor brush holder (central screw, but
>>> don't let the brushes fly out)

Ive done this before!

>>> and the distributor PCB (3 screws).
>>> Then take off the motor (2 screws at each end) and free the
>>> drive belt from the sprocket). Take off the bracket over
>>> the top (180850 in my partsbook), then the bracket over the
>>> bearing (180998). Lift out the shaft complete with the belt
>>> (don't forget to slip this on when putting it back!) and
>>> the bearings.
>>> Youi can now see the trip ling. I'd be inclined to
>>> disconnect the 186261 link at one end to see if it's the
>>> front end (186264) that connects to the H plate or the rear
>>> end (186254 and related parts) that's jammed.
>>> Then you can dismantle the appropriate part.

I will do that in the morning....

>>> If the link won't move at all, it's not the clutch. The
>>> transmitter shaft will clearly turn, or the receive side
>>> couldn't do anything (the motor drives a sprocket on the
>>> transmit clutch drum which also carries a gear which meshes
>>> with one on the receiver shaft).

Thanks again for the suggestions....Looks like it is going to turn out to
NOT be a major/fatal problem, just tedious and subtle....
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