Semi-OT: Data Recovery?

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Mon Aug 23 18:36:25 2004

>>> So... before I proceed, I was curious who on the list has
>>> used professional data recovery services, and who does a
>>> good job at a good price. I've already written to a
>>> company in N.Z. that has a base rate of under $300 NZ +
>>> recovery media (DVD-R, CD-R, blank drive...) I've seen
>>> companies ask 400 Eur. and up to $700 US.

As pert of my "real" work. I have to recover clients drives regularly. I
have used DriveSavers soo many times that I finally became an authorized
service provider.

Not the cheapest [although free if they cant get the data], but I have had
only one drive that they could not read [the platter was complete toast!].

Contact me off list if you want me to get a price quote.

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