ASR-33's and Brain Dead "Repair" man...

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Aug 23 18:26:23 2004

> >>> Am I correct that when you press the 'Here Is' key, the
> >>> distributor does turn? If so, then the clutch can be
> >>> released (and presumably latches up correctly).
> >>>
> Spins like a charm.....

OK, the clutch is fine. so is some of the linkage.

> >>> What I would do next is remove the transmitter shaft. To do
> >>> this, remove the typing unit from the chassis pan....
> That of course will involve replacing the h-plate later...Oh well...

Yes, but you should have removed that anyway (it's not that hard with a
bit of practice).

With the H-plate out, you can test the keyboard (does the link that the
H-plate slots into turn when you press a key -- you have to reset it
manually), and also verify that it's the typing unit that's jammed.

You have checked that the typing unit is correctly seated on the rubber
vibration isolaters, I hope. If it's misplaced it can jam the H-plate!

> It only took me about two weeks to get the other one [on the other unit]
> in....

You do realies the slot in the middle is to insert a flat-blade
screwdriver. You can then use that to postiion it once it's slotted into
the typing unit. With a bit of practice it goes in in a few seconds.

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