Another iPDS query

From: Dave Mabry <>
Date: Thu Dec 23 01:44:25 2004

I'm not Joe, but I can answer this. Off the shelf, from Intel, CP/M-80
did support the bubble memory as a storage device. Also, the Intel
operating system called ISIS-PDS did support up to two of the iSBX-251
modules as :F4: and :F5: (ISIS called its drives :Fn: rather than
letters like cp/m). I have never used the CP/M os with bubble memory as
storage, but I have used a rather interesting configuration. I made the
bubble device a bootable device. The PDS will ask you if you want to
boot from the bubble if there is no bootable diskette in the drive. I
answer yes, and the processor A boot ISIS from the bubble. Then I put a
cp/m disk into the drive, close the door, and tell the other processor
(when the optional second processor board is installed) "No", don't boot
from the bubble. It then retries the floppy drive and boots CP/M. That
way I have two processors each running a different os. I just have to
keep track which processor I tell to access which logical drive, so ISIS
doesn't try to access a CP/M disk and vice versa.

It sounds like we have a few iPDS owners here on the list who would like
the iSBX add-on board. Sure would be nice to find some. I have one,
and that one is being used.

I'm putting some documentation together for the iPDS into pdf files,
some executables, and some one-of-a-kind listings and custom coding.
Where might be a good place to host it so that others can download it as

Dave wrote:

>Do you have any software that drives or uses the iSBX 251 bubble memory
>module board?
>My 1986 Intel Development systems handbook says
>"The iPDS can be used as a general purpose desktop computer. The widely used
>CP/M microcomputer operating system is available for the iPDS from Intel. It
>supports iPDS systems with single or multiple disk drives, and iPDS systems
>using bubble memory for mass storage."
>Is this inherent in CP/M from Intel? Has anyone tried this? I think I have
>Intel CP/M for the iPDS but don't have any bubble memory left. Nor do I have any
>of the 4 way iSBX boards for the iPDSs left.
>Astoria, OR
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