another reason to not like microsloth - caution, may contain rant.

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Sat Feb 14 14:43:41 2004

>>> All 600-odd messages of stuff.

I could forward you the last 4000 messages or so......

Select All...Forward.....

>>>> You have to TAB and space-to-select...

Actually one of the main "features" of Office 2003 is the standardization of
actions that previously varied. While initially annoying, it is actually
much nicer to have the same keep sequence behave the same way in more

>>>And before anyone says....

Have to say it...It is because of unexpected occurrences like this.

>>>>'can't move to the classiccmp folder'

Actually THAT folder is no longer there. What you have is a NEW folder that
just happens to have the same NAME. This is quite deliberate so if you
change the name of a folder, the rule continues to work (i.e. messages still
go into that folder).

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