OT: another reason to not like microsloth - caution, may contain rant.

From: Witchy <witchy_at_binarydinosaurs.co.uk>
Date: Sat Feb 14 14:11:12 2004

In other news I've just managed to delete my entire classiccmp folder from
Outlook, which is nice. All 600-odd messages of stuff.

I installed Office 2003 'cos I'm unofficial IT support for Mrs Witchy's
school, and the edu version allows 3 home installs. Thing is, because the
new Outlook is obviously a complete rewrite of the previous version the
default behaviour of folder selecting has changed, only they don't tell you

In Outlook 2000 when you selected a folder the first message was
automatically selected, so if it was one you weren't interested in you could
just hit delete and it would be gone, or you could up'n'down arrow to select
messages. (Yes, I shift-delete so I don't have to keep emptying 'deleted
items'). You could TAB and CTRL-TAB round the windows perfectly happily and
whichever folder you tabbed or arrowed onto would be displayed.

In Outlook 2003 you can't just TAB round the windows any more. Oh no. You
have to TAB and space-to-select just like a web browser. If you select a
folder then you've *just selected the folder*, so deleting will delete the
folder and it's contents with no warning other than 'are you sure you want
to delete the selected item'.


And before anyone says 'backup' yes I probably should. But since I've had
the same outlook file with pretty much no disasters since 1996 why should I
start now. More to the point, why should the behaviour of Outlook change
with no warning....

And another thing - I have a rule set that all messages from classiccmp go
into said folder, and since the deletion I've recreated the folder amidst
much swearing. A message has just arrived and a box has popped up saying
'can't move to the classiccmp folder' when it quite clearly can 'cos the
fucking folder is there!


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