OT: another reason to not like microsloth - caution, may contain rant.

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_panix.com>
Date: Sat Feb 14 15:00:27 2004

On Sat, 14 Feb 2004, Witchy wrote:

> In other news I've just managed to delete my entire classiccmp folder from
> Outlook, which is nice. All 600-odd messages of stuff.

[sad-but-true screed snipped]

  After having used BillWare since Win3.x, and having installed and
maintained three small office-type servers, and dozens of
BillWare-infected PCs - I am now in the laborious process of putting some
flavor of *ix on every modern computer I own or have responsibility for.
The only exceptions will those few programs which are Bill-centric *and*
have no *ix analogue, *and* which I cannot do without... luckily this
class of 'badly concieved' software is growing ever more in the minority.

  Free BSD - Mandrake - Debian - Fedora - I will have nothing more to do
with anything out of Redmond insofar as is possible, as soon as possible.

 It's a Perversion of the Universe that the Richest Geek in America is
*not* Linus Torvalds.... IMnotSHO...

 Note that the Laptop from which I type this has not undergone the
DeBillification Process yet - because it is soon to be replaced with more
modern iron, and *that* machine will be cleansed first, then filled with
*ixish Stuff...

 And I am sorry for your loss, Witchy - may you soon be free of EgoSoft
and all it's allotropes...


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