Vinegar and Computer guts...

From: J.C. Wren <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 22:46:42 2004

Zane H. Healy wrote:

>> Seriously, how about Febreeze? And what's it smell like?
>> --jc
> Is that the odor hiding stuff they keep advertising?
> It sort of smells like an old, very musty house. I've got a bad
> feeling there was mildew in the foam. It's already been hit with
> straight Bleach, plus I've had everything sitting out in the sun and
> fresh air (actually hit over 75 today). The bleach has helped to kill
> the worst of the smell I think, as the foam was the worst.
> The front piece of foam seems to have been the source of the smell,
> however, the smell then got sucked through the computer.
> Zane
    I dunno about odor hiding it. We have two dogs, one of which sleeps
on the couch. I try to keep a blanket on there for him, but if I
forget, the couch can get a little doggie. This stuff really seems to
make it go away, and not just mask it, like some other products I've
tried. < >

    Stain removers are a good example of products that are junk. I have
get to find on that permanently removes the ever-so-occasional carpet
accident. The stain goes away for a month or two, but then it comes
back, fairly faintly. Repeated applications seem to have little long
term effect. We've tried about 6 different ones, and I am seriously
unimpressed. Oxyclean, some pink stuff, enzyme based removers... Junk!

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