From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Tue Oct 26 15:43:20 2004

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004, Cameron Kaiser wrote:

> Oh, I have a few things in gopherspace:
> Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy:
> Floodgap Gopher (and Veronica-2)
> gopher://

Wow! Thanks for running this!

It's a real blast of the past. I think the aesthetic hasn't
yet become as alien as it will be, so it may take some time
to be appreciated by people who "weren't there" when it was
new. Hopefully there will be a few around still when that's true.

> Client-wise, embarrassingly, Lynx does the best job.

Embarrassing for firefox et al, but lynx is a great client. I
use it once a month or so, when I'm in some peculiar corner
and need to get through a small hole in the universe. THere's always
a place for a lightweight client!

> Most of the Mozilla
> derivates don't handle the i itemtype, which is not standards-based but is
> increasingly common. I list some of the gotchas on the Proxy page, although
> there is some work on the Mozilla front to fix the deficiencies and it may
> yet get better. Old Netscape 4.8 and earlier are reasonably functional.

Well, I managed to not delete this over the years:

tomj_at_fiche:~/Projects-of-the-past/1994/local/src ls
archie/ ghostscript/ lynx/ pine/ tpage/ x10/ zip/
elm/ gopher/ metamail/ popper/ unzip/ xarchie/ zmodem/
fone/ lha/ pgp/ system/ watcher/ xpaint/

netBSD? FreeBSD? BSDi? I don't have the original TARs, just
their contents. Timestamps appear intact, somehow. A 1994 old
QIC-40 tape, found in Gilmore's basement, had all this stuff
on it, and John was able to snarf it off and !email! it to me.

> I've been very tempted as a cross-platform project to reinvent the wheel
> and bring back a current gopher client on current codebases.

Keep illuminating those parchment scrolls! Someone will read
them one day! :-)

Maybe I could write a script to munge my html tree to
gopherspace, and put the port up for service again. I'll think
on this one.
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