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From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Fri Feb 11 18:57:08 2005

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> You did well!. I've picked up what I consider to be bargains over the
> years too (my Goould logic analyser was 50 quid, back when logic
> analysers were very uncommon instruments).

You've got an LA too then? I've got a HP 1651B - I think I mentioned the
software I threw together to grab screendumps off it over GPIB.. Anyway, I
paid about ?100 for that on ebay (got it from France, so no import duty or
VAT to pay)... and ended up waiting six weeks for the seller to find the
probe kit. He ended up buying a set of probe pods and splitting it. Last
email he ever sent me said "I hope you're happy, you really ate into my
profit margin". Call me old-fashioned, but if the item description says it
comes with the pods, and the photo shows a set of pods, I want the pods with
the analyser...

Incidentally, one of the probe cables died not long afterwards. I ended up
spending another ?20 on a cable kit. They aren't ordinary cables BTW, there's
an R-C compensation network in the middle...

Still, all I'm missing is the manual set, and that's about to change (someone
in the USA has offered to copy his 1651B service manual and operator's manual
for me - I intend to scan them properly). %DEITY knows how much it's going to
cost to ship two reams worth of 8.5x11 paper over there though...

> The important thing is to know what something is worth and to stick to it


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