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From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sun Feb 13 13:52:41 2005

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> (Tony Duell) wrote:
> > You did well!. I've picked up what I consider to be bargains over the=20
> > years too (my Goould logic analyser was 50 quid, back when logic=20
> > analysers were very uncommon instruments).
> You've got an LA too then? I've got a HP 1651B - I think I mentioned the

No, I think I have 4 of them (!). The Goold I just mentioned, a
cheap-n-nasty thing designed to trace microprocessor programs (the pod
has 4 40 pin headers, you connect a ribbon cable ending in a DIP clip to
one of them, I think they're for the 6800, 6802, 6502, Z80), A Tekky
development system which happens to have the 8-channel logic analyser
option in it, and, of course, the one I use all the time, a LogicDart.

> software I threw together to grab screendumps off it over GPIB.. Anyway, =

Mu Gould has full GPIB control, you can even display messages on its
internal display, sent from the GPIB port....

> I
> paid about =A3100 for that on ebay (got it from France, so no import duty=
> or
> VAT to pay)... and ended up waiting six weeks for the seller to find the
> probe kit. He ended up buying a set of probe pods and splitting it. Last
> email he ever sent me said "I hope you're happy, you really ate into my
> profit margin". Call me old-fashioned, but if the item description says i=
> t
> comes with the pods, and the photo shows a set of pods, I want the pods w=
> ith
> the analyser...

I'll say! Good pod/probe sets are not common, and not particularly cheap.
If you buy a second-hand analyser without pods/probes, make sure you can
either get them, or can get the spec of the interface to the analyser and
that it's nothing too exotic (most of the older isntruments used
differential ECL signals, which are not too bad).

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